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PASS Primary After-School Spanish Spanish for primary school children

What is PASS (Primary After-School Spanish)?

PASS is a Spanish club that MLH runs for primary-school children.

As parents ourselves, we recognise the value and importance of learning a foreign language from a young age. There is no doubt that primary-school age is the time to start learning a foreign language for various reasons:

  • > children are not afraid of making mistakes, no inhibitions
  • > the neurons of a child’s brain forms thousand of connections per minute
  • > children pick up native pronunciation much quicker

The reality is also that some primary-school children want to learn with their friend or buddy from their same class, in a familiar environment. This brings them comfort and reassurance. And we all know that  children learn best when they are relaxed.

Also, as parents, we understand the pressures we have to pick up our children on time, and the nightmare it is sometimes to take them to another club outside school.

So, we thought, why not offer children the opportunity of learning a foreign language, in a familiar environment, in the company of their friends and which could solve some childcare issues for parents? This is how, PASS was born in November 2017.

PASS focuses on the community of Letchworth Garden City, and surrounding areas, and runs the club in local schools. This runs in tandem with the schools’ timetables and term times, including activities, trips, and INSET and occasional days.

We offer PASS to both KS1 and KS2 pupils, but whether we can run both key stages in one school depends on the school itself.

As the schools’ timetables differ, term dates and pricing also differ. However, for a guide to pricing, see the table blow.

If PASS is not run in your school, and you think it is a good idea the club should be offered in your school, please contact us by phone or email, and we will contact the school to arrange a visit to discuss the provision.

Enrolment is now open!! 

At MLH we try to save trees by cutting down on the use of paper. If you like the idea, we invite you to complete the online enrolment form.

Terms and Conditions apply.

PASS Pricing

PASS KS1 / class

(+ VAT) 45 mins
  • Typically from 3.15-4.00 pm @ £6.5/ session

PASS KS2 / class

(+VAT) 1 hour
  • Typically from 3.15-4.15 pm @ £7.5/ session

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