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Spanish lessons for Children in Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock, North Herts, United Kingdom
Spanish Courses in Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock, Stevenage and North Herts

Spanish for Adults

Our Spanish for Adults classes run per term, for approximately 10 weeks. Classes are arranged according to the level of the candidates.

Lessons are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are either native or nea-native speakers of Spanish and who enjoy the progress of adults acquiring new language skills. 

Classes run mostly in the evenings; although morning sessions can be arranged. Class sizes are between 5 to 12 students.

We advice against starting in the middle of the term, as this may have an impact on language progression. However, every case is different, so if in doubt, just contact us to discuss individual requirements.  

10.00-11.30Intermediate (A-Level)
18.00-19.30Beginners 1 
19.30-21.00Intermediate (A-Level)Beginners 2

Course fees:

Fees are £10.20/h (£8.50+VAT), payable either termly or half-termly in advance.


In line with the Communicative Approach to language teaching, the ultimate aim of the lessons is that our students are able to communicate and  interact in the target language.

For the sake of progression in structures, vocabulary and topics, we have chosen to follow a coursebook, which is full activities and appropriate for the level. 

Besides the coursebook, we use songs, videos and all sort of activities to ensure the children are engaged in their learning.

To enrol in one of the courses above, please complete the enrolment form below. T&Cs apply. 

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