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4 February 2020
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We GoCardless by Direct Debit

My Language Hub introduces Direct Debit with GoCardless as the preferred payment method.

With the ever-increasing amount of work in all fronts of My Language Hub, our Translation Agency, the Language School, and of course, all the admin related to it, we have realised we need to start automating some aspects of the business.

Even though Google Translate has improved, you would agree with me that it is better that a human translates – and certainly proofreads – the documents, especially legal or highly technical stuff!

You would also agree with me that classes are better taught and led by a human teacher … Well … I haven’t seen any robots teaching yet!

Therefore, the obvious thing to do is to start automating our admin work. And one of this is the way we receive payments, as this has been taking a considerable chunk of our time.

After careful consideration, we have decided to move to a Direct Debit system through GoCardless. And we will start rolling this out with our Language School first.

What are the benefits of paying by Direct Debit?

Preferred payment option – Direct Debit through GoCardless is now our preferred way to take payments – it’s simple, easy to use and benefits both of us.

Set and forget – You set up payment once, and after that, it’s taken automatically on the invoice due date. No need to set diary reminders or log into your internet banking to make a payment or draw out large sums of cash.

Never get chased for late payment – Payments are automatic, so you won’t get chased for payments and there’s no risk of late payment fees.

You’re still in control and protected – You’ll receive notifications of payment before funds are taken and under the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme, you’re guaranteed a refund if any payment is taken in error.

Better for budgeting – Paying through GoCardless makes your payment predictable, which can make it easier to budget for our services.

How can you sign up?

You will receive a payment authorisation email from GoCardless which requests that you complete a Direct Debit mandate. This gives us permission to collect the agreed funds from your bank account at the agreed time.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU for being so understanding!

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