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IELTS Coaching Course

IELTS preparation course.
Online IETLS course

You’re smart. You’re capable. Despite your best efforts, you know things could — and should — be better…

You have dreams … You want to work, study at Uni, emigrate to another country… and for all of that you need … to pass the IELTS Exam!

Have you sat the exam already? I’m sure that if you are a bit like us, you’d like to pass the exam the first time you sit, wouldn’t you? We can help you.

Have you sat the the exam and you didn’t get the desired score? We can help you too!!

What you need is someone to discuss your IELTS doubts with — someone that can clear the fog, provide strategic advice on your upcoming IELTS Exam, and help you improve those aspects that will help you get your desired score!

Carina Balbo, Chartered Linguist, Author, English-Spanish  Translator, Spanish specialist, IELTS tutor and examiner, GCSE Spanish,

As Chartered Linguists, language teachers, and language examiners for the major Exam Boards in the UK, we  have the experience and insight of proven professional Assessors.

With over 2 decades of experience in EFL and an IELTS examiner for over 10 years, Carina Balbo is certainly the go-to expert when it comes to IELTS. She’s helped hundreds of students uncover exam answers that matter. She can help you, too.

Book your 5-week IELTS preparation course

On the IELTS preparation course, we will work with you to reinforce all aspects of the IELTS exam: grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. You’ll walk away with executable exam techniques and strategies, ready to tackle your IELTS exam just the way you want it!

If any of the following apply to you, then you should book a place in the course:

You are serious about passing the IELTS
You are frustrated with a lack of clarity for the exam
Your score has got stuck and you’re not sure how to improve it
You’re convinced you have the right “ingredients”, but are not sure how you may perform in the 4 modules
You’ve got an idea and need professional insight to guide you through the exam
You have other EFL / IELTS problems and you feel confused

Courses are delivered online over 5 weeks:

Speaking module: 15 min interview (IELTS mock exam), and immediate feedback from the tutor.

Writing module: Tutor assigns a task; student delivers it by email for tutor to mark and then a virtual meeting is scheduled to discuss the results and suggest areas of improvement.

Reading module: Tutor assigns reading tasks for student to complete. Student submits the tasks for tutor to mark.

Listening module: Tutor assigns listening tasks for student to complete. Student submits the tasks for tutor to mark.

Grammar: is embedded in all the 4 skills!

After the 5 weeks we will assess your level to ensure you can achieve your desired score.

We offer up to a 30 min FREE call to understand your individual needs, and then we will schedule our next appointment.

During our sessions, you will get customised strategies aligned with your stated goals and will answer every question you ask.

For more information, including pricing, please contact us.


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