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Language and Cultural Consultancy – Argentina Experience (II)
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Language & Culture Special: Halloween in Spanish-speaking countries

From Home to Office-based

My Language Hub, Letchworth, Translations, Spanish classes

A language and translation centre in the heart of Letchworth

In September, My Language Hub (MLH), a local Language Service Provider (LSP) set up its office in the centre of Letchworth, after two years of being home-based. Market research showed that there was no dedicated LSP in the local area. Nearby towns, such as Stevenage, suffered from a complete lack of linguistic resources.

Spanish classes

Comments and feedback have been very positive. Many have been delighted to discover that there is a local company that can provide Spanish tuition right in the heart of the town. We host classes for Adults and Children, all ages and all levels. But Spanish classes are just the start!!

IELTS Coaching and EFL/ESOL Courses

Carina, an IELTS examiner for over 10 years, is the IELTS tutor available to assist professionals, students, and whoever wants to emigrate to Australia or Canada, to achieve their desired IELTS score.

On a less formal footing, we also offer support to non-English speakers through EFL and ESOL courses. Are you an au-pair wanting to brush up your English? Just contact us to see how we can meet your needs.

Spanish Exam preparation

Both Hugh and Carina successfully completed another exam marking session last summer.  This covered a number of Boards, namely the International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Education (CIE) and, most significantly, AQA.

The last summer session of examinations saw GCSE and A-Level AQA students tackling the new language exam formats. For AQA GCSE there was a revised marking system with which to contend; 9-1, a move away from the traditional lettered grades of A* – E. At A-Level in Spanish, among other changes in the AQA exam format, there is a new oral examination. This includes the delivery of a presentation and subsequent discussion of an Individual Research Project of their choosing.

Having marked over 1000 oral exams this summer, we feel uniquely qualified and experienced to assist Secondary Schools in preparing and polishing their students’ technique and performance. We offer workshops and drop-in sessions.

Here, our young language learners can develop their understanding and clarify any doubts about the Spanish exams. Our stance is one of gradual progression towards the exam. Exam support is traditionally sought as a result of a last minute, post mock, scramble.  At times, far too close to the examination itself, it dawns on individuals that there are significant gaps in knowledge and understanding. Through a programmed and structured format, we can identify, early on, areas of difficulty or for further practise. The aim is to work progressively to that final goal of achieving the highest possible grade with the least possible stress.

Do you feel stuck in your path towards your Spanish qualification? Come and talk to us! We’ve been there and we can definitely help.

A fun learning environment

Examinations are not, however, the be all and end all. It has become common for Primary pupils to find that the Spanish they have studied must be dropped when they arrive at Secondary Schools. This is obviously a great shame, but timetabling pressures result in Form groups studying a language which will not always coincide with previous learning. My Language Hub offers a fun environment for both Primary and Secondary learners. All our sessions are tailor-made to the group in our new, spacious classroom.  Here, the onus is definitely on learning but in a relaxed and fun atmosphere where we can all spend time in a Spanish-speaking environment.

All age groups & all levels

We believe learning a foreign language should go hand in hand with literacy and numeracy, if we want to succeed in an ever-increasingly competitive market. My Language Hub offers enjoyable and communicative language courses for children and adults, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and for people with all kind of interests.

Business Support

As if all the above is not enough, we support companies embarking on new Hispanic emerging markets. We are not export experts but experienced in advising and guiding companies as they look to new Spanish-speaking shores for their products (See our blog, Argentina Experience I and II).

Translation, Interpreting and Localisation

Linked to this support are the traditional services of translation, interpreting and localisation; the process of adapting to a specific country or region a previously translated text.
As Chartered Linguists and members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL), Carina and Hugh have access to a database of qualified and experienced professionals covering almost every language imaginable. The CIoL seal of approval speaks volumes and accredits all work carried out by its members.

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