What Business and Cultural Consultancy is

Your markets are shrinking due to Brexit, competition or unforeseen circumstances and your company needs to broaden its horizons. You contact the Department for International Trade and receive Country Briefs and several lists of contacts that have been provided by British embassies in your areas of interest.

You are advised that the most effective course of action is to visit countries, meet representatives in your specialist fields and start on your journey of building a viable presence in these new markets. Your company sees the obvious sense in this approach but there remains an undercurrent of uncertainty and doubt about how you are actually going to achieve this and how you will prepare adequately. This is precisely when your company should be reaching out to My Language Hub.


What we do

My Language Hub can advise on and support your company’s export strategy. This is achieved by training the management and export teams and being integral to your company’s planning. Client teams become proficient in the host language and celebrate cultural differences, both in daily life and in the workplace.

We can also act as your trusted intermediary. This enables you to focus on your main objectives whilst a qualified consultant ensures that your message is communicated clearly and unequivocally.

This service includes some or all of the following:

  1. Support to senior management in their strategic planning for export
  2. Country briefings delivered to staff
  3. Cultural briefings delivered to staff
  4. Language tuition
  5. Intermediary support in country
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Professionalism built on 25 years of experience.

Service accredited by quality standards.


What sectors we cover

This niche service is offered to companies and corporations in all our five main areas of specialisation: medical and pharmaceutical, legal and corporate, business and finance, engineering and defence, academia and education. All our consultants are native or near-native speakers of the languages they work with and are experts in cultural affairs. This means that your project is in safe hands.


What languages we offer

We have an extensive team of consultants, and together we can cover over 200 languages. Among these, we can include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian - to name just a few.


How much it costs

We offer an excellent service at a very fair price. To discuss a quote for your project, call us now and a member of our team will advise you.