What a Certified Translation is

In many countries, the translation of official documents must be carried out by a “sworn” translator. In the UK, the figure of the “sworn” translator does not exist; therefore, a certified translation, or “official translation”, is produced by a company or individual translator who is registered with an official professional body.

Most UK public service and other authorities require all translations of official documents to be certified. Examples of translations requiring certification include civil record certificates (birth, marriage or death certificates), diplomas and transcripts, company registration documents, or documentation used in legal proceedings. These certified translations are normally used within the UK as well as overseas for legalisation purposes.

As an Accredited Member of the Association of Translation Companies, My Language Hub holds the Certification Stamp used to certify translations of official and legal documents accepted by UK public service authorities. The certificate states that the translation is true to the original and may include the professional credentials of the translator who carried out the translation.

When Translations are Notarised

Sometimes, certified translations must be submitted before courts or other official bodies, in the UK or overseas, which require an extra level of certification and the translation must be notarised.

This is a much more official process. Once the document has been translated by a suitably qualified or experienced translator, the translation is bound together with the original document and the translation certificate.

The translation certificate is then signed by the translator and/or a representative of the translation company in the presence of a Notary Public swearing to the accuracy of the contents of the translation in relation to the original document.

All Notarised Translations carried out by My Language Hub bear the ATC’s Certification Stamp.

We offer this Certification and Notarisation Service in over 200 languages. Do your documents and/or the translation have to be legalised? We can also take care of the legalisation process for you. Find out more about our Legalisation and Apostille service.

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How much it costs

Certified translations are usually priced per page or per document, rather than per word. In a certified translation, all seals, stamps and dates count and must be included in the translation. This is so that the person that reads the document can understand what they refer to and who signed the document, and in what capacity.

Official translations must be carried out by certified translators who are qualified and experienced in this service and who are able to produce a Certificate of Translation stating that the translation is "true to the original". My Language Hub has 25 years of experience in the translation of legal and official documents.

If you wish to discuss a quote for your document, call us now and a member of our team will advise you. You can also send us your files by email or by using the contact form on the Contact page.

Why choose our service

We are a one-stop shop for the translation of your official documents. We will take the heavy burden off your shoulders, and will process all the documents for you.

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  • Andres Rovetto
    I've been using MLH for a variety of projects, including certified translations of birth certificates and passports, and legalisation of documents. Their service is 5-star rating: they respond quickly, their work is high quality, and their team is incredibly friendly and professional.
    Andres Rovetto
    AM Consulting & Services Ltd
  • Tony Purvis
    I am very pleased with the translation services provided by My Language Hub. I needed to have a Will and Death Certificate translated for the Spanish system and they were able to do so very quickly and efficiently. The translation was of a very high standard, and I am very grateful for their help.
    Tony Purvis
  • Aliva Gómez Rodríguez
    I am really happy with My Language Hub's service. They have translated my documents on various occasions. They have been kind and very professional. One of my documents was quite important and I needed it as soon as possible. My Language Hub got them for me very quickly and with all that I needed.
    Aliva Gómez Rodríguez
  • Lizzie Powell
    I thoroughly recommend My Language Hub. Carina was extremely helpful, replied to my email enquiry immediately and provided all the details that I needed. The service was very efficient and easy and made it stress free. Very good and efficient service and Carina was incredibly friendly.
    Lizzie Powell
  • Paloma Rubin
    Needing an urgent translation for an urgent trip in the context of the pandemic, not only did they reply out of working hours, but the translation was ready within 24hs. The treatment and procedures were very professional, proactive and I felt seen as a customer. They were very patient with me. I'd recommend their services 100%!
    Paloma Rubin
  • André Roberts
    Carina was fantastic with the job I had sent to My Language Hub. The translation of my document was completed quickly and professionally, meaning I was able to return the document swiftly back to my employer. Throughout Carina was very helpful and gave me confidence I had gone to the right place. I would recommend My Language Hub to anyone who needed a professional translation service.
    André Roberts