What interpreting is

Although translation and interpreting require similar skills, they are not the same. Translation involves producing a written text from a ‘source’ in a different language over a period of time. Interpreting, on the other hand, is the immediate transmission of a spoken or signed message

Whether at a conference, congress, colloquium, or business meeting, when two participants do not speak the same language, there is an inevitable breakdown in communication. To facilitate the understanding for all the participants, you can count on the experience and professionalism of our team of highly qualified and professional interpreters.

Our interpreters are selected based on the project requirements. Before you choose a “bilingual” colleague to transmit your messages in a foreign language, remember that the success of your meeting will depend, in great part, on how your message is communicated. This is a demanding profession with no room for improvisation.

We provide language interpretating services adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients. You just need to tell us what type of interpreting service you need. Is it video, consecutive, or simultaneous interpreting?

Professionalism built on 25 years of experience. Service accredited by quality standards.


What sectors we cover

We have five main areas of specialisation: medical and pharmaceutical, legal and corporate, business and finance, engineering and defence, academia and education. All our interpreters are native or near-native speakers of the languages they work with and are experts in their field. This means that your project is in safe hands.


What languages we offer

We have an extensive team of interpreters, and together we can cover over 200 languages. Among these, we can include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian - to name just a few.


How much it costs

We offer excellent service at a very fair price. To discuss a quote for your project, call us now and a member of our team will advise you.