What Linguistic Validation is

Have you ever been to the doctor’s and completed a medical questionnaire for a diagnosis? This questionnaire may have originally designed in the US or another country, in another language, and then translated into US English. But this questionnaire, also called “instrument”, will be used in the UK by the NHS. Therefore, it, has to be adapted to UK English. In a nutshell, the questionnaire goes through a process of linguistic validation.

The purpose of linguistic validation is to ensure that the translation in the target language states what the original in the source language intended. In a similar way to localisation, linguistic validation involves not only rendering the meaning of the original source document, but also providing the equivalent construct value of the instrument for each culture. In other words, the translated questionnaire must behave statistically in the same way across all languages.

The ultimate goal of linguistic validation is to ensure that all components of the questionnaire have the same construct value and are conceptually equivalent across multiple languages and locales. Linguistic validation is an extra step to guarantee translation quality for high-value materials.

My Language Hub works in partnership with many organisations within the medical and pharmaceutical industry linked to the NHS.

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