Announcement: Individuals with Chronic pain needed
Linguistic Validation of medical questionnaires

Welcome to this first blog of My Language Hub Ltd. This idea has been brought to you by Carina Balbo and Hugh Ottewell with the aim of combining linguistic and educational language services.

In the “About us” section, you will find more details about our background and interests. Here, we will simply refer to some of the topics we intend to write about. Naturally, it will not come as a surprise that our blogs will be about the services that we provide, and the vast areas covered by only one word: language.

We will cover topics related to the translation and localisation industry as well as language teaching and learning. We will try to make it as interesting and interactive as possible, posting some informative as well as controversial topics in these areas. Please do not forget to leave your comment below.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to what is our passion.

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