Translation vs. Interpreting

Translation is written, and the translator has more time to research on the specific terminology and correct expressions to render the exact meaning into the target language. Interpreting is oral, and the interpreter has to resort to their short-term memory to convey an as accurate meaning as possible into the target language according to the occasion. The translation, once delivered, or printed, cannot be amended, whereas the interpreter can “amend on the spot” if they feel that something is not quite right (although this does not happen in simultaneous interpreting).

How to boost exports sales

Want to boost export sales? Getting your business into new markets is the key. But how do you go about it? There are several things you need to do to successfully enter a new market.

HM Queen Elizabeth II dies

HM Queen Elizabeth II, the world's longest-serving monarch dies on 8 September 2022. She became queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 1952.

Translations for Ukraine

The 'Translations for Ukraine' initiative is a collaborative effort among all the team members at My Language Hub. As a language service company, we understand that communication is vital. And this is intensified during humanitarian crises. This initiative has been put in place to offer translation and interpreting services for Ukrainian refugees. The languages offered for this initiative are: - Ukrainian - Russian - Polish - English Ukrainian refugees, UK sponsors, community groups and businesses can now take advantage of this initiative to support Ukrainians fleeing the war.