European Day of Languages
European Day of Languages
25 May 1810 - The May Revolution - Argentina
25 May 1810: Argentina’s first shout of freedom

In response to the imminent COVID-19 pandemic crisis, My Language Hub offers over 2 decades’ experience in Life Science to collaborate with Clinical Trials in the pursuit of finding a cure for COVID-19.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission (EC) acknowledge the impact of COVID-19 on the health system and broader society, and the impact it may have on clinical trials and trial participants.

The project will need that more patients with COVID-19 take part in clinical trials in order to find licensed drugs that could be effective in treating the virus. In a recent press conference, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the UK government was “bringing together some of the finest research minds in the country” to design and deliver trials at record pace.

However, it will extremely important to implement extraordinary measures during these trials. This is due to the fact that many trial participants may be in self-isolation or quarantine, or could have limited access to public places (including hospitals) due to the risk of spreading the virus.

The situation is evolving, and we need pragmatic actions to deal with the challenges of conducting research, and in ensuring the rights, safety and well-being of participants.

My Language Hub has significant the experience and outreach to carry out Clinical Trials and cognitive debriefing within the Language Validation Consultancy (LVC) process. We have all the technological resources to contact relevant clinicians, healthcare professionals and patients remotely. As such, My Language Hub is ideally placed to support efforts in medical progress in the fight against COVID-19.

Call My Language Hub on +44 (0)1462 656577 or email us at

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