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ISO certification for language service companies

Languages are great. Having your customers able to communicate with your foreign clients is amazing. But it’s not enough. You want native language web content to engage more users with your brand and widen its reach around the globe. With ISO certification 9001:2015 and ISO certification 17100:2015, you can transform your content from good to awesome.

ISO certification is an achievement held by many organisations. However, it does not always have the same meaning or importance for different businesses. So, what are ISO certifications and what will they bring to your language service company?

Language service companies live or die by the words of their customers, so providing an excellent product is vital for language service companies to succeed. One of the best ways to ensure quality and excellence is an ISO certification.

What is ISO certification?

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 are the two most common certifications for language service companies. The former focuses on Quality Management Systems (QMS) and the latter focuses solely on Translation Services. Both certifications deal with how well a company manages customer service and how they do it in a way that maintains their integrity.

Many language service providers across the globe have already jumped onboard the certification bandwagon. In fact, an increasing number of them are considering ISO 9001:2015 as the first step toward becoming compliant. Language service companies are outsourcing to emerging economies more frequently than ever before. There is a growing pressure on the industry to deliver quality standardisation documentation in multiple languages and customers look for the guarantee of a robust quality management system in place.

ISO certifications provide us with a way to ensure that our business and our services meet the required standards. Whether we provide translation services, training or consulting services, or document management, ISO certification is important to gain the trust of our customers, demonstrate quality and a high level of professionalism.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 — the certificates that we are proud to hold.

Why is an ISO certification so important for LSPs?

Having an ISO certification is beneficial for language service providers because it allows us to become more established within the industry. This helps make our services more recognisable, and thus drive demand to our companies. Not only is ISO a common standard recognised globally, but it also helps to set us apart from other language service providers that are non-ISO compliant.

There are many types of certifications that companies can have, but what are the differences? Why would we want to be certified? And is it really worth it? These are all questions that we get asked ourselves regarding ISO, and why a language service provider should be certified. To understand the importance of ISO certification, we first need to understand what the International Standards Organization (ISO) does.

MLH continues providing an extraordinarily wide-raging set of services to a high standard.

ISO Certification Surveillance 2022 - ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 17100:2015

How have we implemented ISO into our work?

We have enhanced our Quality Management Systems (QMS) by considering the role of our stakeholders and focusing on customer service. Customer requirements are determined, and we make sure they are consistently met. We take a deep dive into what our clients want to achieve and use their feedback in our review process in order to bolster our continuous improvement.

Both course content and delivery of our Education services is evidence of that. When designing Foundations of Translation (FOT), for example, our preparatory course for the Diploma in Translation, it was critical to be able to comprehensively map the exam specification to maximum benefit for the students. It became apparent that a ‘SMART’ way of working was to split the course into generic translation theory content and tutor-led, language-specific examination mentoring. After completion of the course, students are asked to complete a detailed feedback form that allows us to understand what works well and where areas can be further developed. As such, subsequent courses run more smoothly, and students clearly recognise both the appropriateness of and the logic behind the course content.

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While ISO 9001:2015 is not specific to the translation or localisation industry, it does certify that we follow well documented processes. This business certificate demonstrates that My Language Hub monitors effective planning, operation and control of the company’s processes, as well as the implementation and continual improvement of its QMS.

The ISO framework has provided My Language Hub with a stated quality policy, quality manual and documented procedures, guiding us through the process of documented organisation, implementation and record keeping.

When it comes to our translation and localisation services, ISO 17100:2015 has enabled us to fine tune our workflow process. From the outset, our conversations with the customer have become more detailed as we build stronger relationships with them. This not only boosts customes’ confidence but also develops a real symbiosis where requirements are detailed and relevant.

We have honed our quoting process so that there are no surprises or additional costs. Our customers receive exactly the product that they expect and at the agreed cost. Quality is our top priority, and this is enhanced by the quality control phase of all our work. Translations are reviewed and, where necessary, revised to ensure that our product is exemplary.

What do our clients say about us?

These are some of what our happy clients and customers have to say about our services.

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