International Translation Day 2023: a few handy uses of translation

This blog post reflects some of the ways in which translation has impacted our world. From its role in international peace and diplomacy to its contributions to inclusivity and accessibility, translation plays a vital role in our globalised society. We also discuss the importance of translation for sharing knowledge and understanding across cultures.

Language access inequality undermines human rights

Language access inequality is a glaring issue that disproportionately affects asylum seekers and refugees. Machine translation is not capable of conveying what human translators can, and institutionalizing computer translation programs in public sectors can create disastrous consequences. This article discusses the importance of human translators in sensitive contexts and suggests ways to address language access inequality.

ISO certification for language service companies

You want native language web content to engage more users with your brand and widen its reach around the globe. With ISO certification 9001:2015 and ISO certification 17100:2015, you can bring your content from good to awesome. So, what are ISO certifications and what will it bring to your language service company?