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Language & Culture Special: Halloween in Latin America

Is Halloween celebrated in Latin America? Despite the conception that such a pagan tradition as Halloween may not be celebrated in Christian and Catholic countries, we […]

Language & Culture Special: Halloween in Spanish-speaking countries

How do Spanish-speaking countries celebrate Halloween? We may think that such a purely pagan tradition as Halloween could never enter the borders of Spanish-speaking countries, which […]

A Language Hub in the heart of Letchworth

My Language Hub (MLH) has moved into Letchworth Garden City From Home to Office-based In September, My Language Hub (MLH), a local Language Service Provider (LSP) […]

Language and Cultural Consultancy – Argentina Experience (II)

Argentina Experience (II) Language and Cultural Consultancy in San Juan: Lessons Learnt Adding Value As a great believer in face-to -face dialogue, I was able to […]